First Light Festival

We hope you enjoyed First Light presents Longest Days of Summer. Take a look at the film below to see what we got up to.

Head to our Facebook and Instagram pages to see photos and film footage of the event in full swing.

The idea

Lowestoft is the most easterly town in the UK. This means that every morning the very first light of day hits this sandy Suffolk beach first before spreading its warmth across the country. So what better place could there be to come together to mark the solstice than this stunning natural setting?

Celebrating one cycle of midsummer sun setting and rising over the beach in Britain’s most easterly town, and inspired by our relationship with the sea, sun, moon, stars, time and tides.

The experience

As we turned our faces to the sun and looked to heal and renew after so many months of isolation, many of you joined us to rejoice in Britain’s most easterly midsummer solstice with our dawn livestream, visual art and music on the vast expanse of Lowestoft’s beautiful South Beach, and enjoyed our town-wide art installation that showcased creativity and participation.

Let’s reconnect with friends, family and the world around us, as we enjoy the Longest Days of Summer 2021.

Welcome to Lowestoft: the UK’s most easterly town