Culture Declares Emergency: Art and The Ecological Crisis

Saturday 17 June
Ideas on the Green
Planet Positive

A wide-ranging presentation by artist-activists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, who create works that intersect art, activism, architecture, biology, ecology and history.

Processes of germination, growth and decay (organic and inorganic) are integral to artworks that often evolve through ex-tended research in response to people and place, interfacing their long standing interest in local ecologies and global planetary concerns. Their time-based practice frequently features living plant material and from the start of their collaboration in 1990, the artists have exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, public spaces and sites of special interest.

Ackroyd & Harvey are regarded as some of the leading advocates in placing the climate and ecological emergency at the centre of the artistic landscape and have extensive experience of working with world leading scientists, activating public discourse on the cultural adaptation to the climate emergency, activism within art making and on ethics and aesthetics.

In 2019, the artists co-founded Culture Declares Emergency in response to the climate and ecological emergency.