Sunlight Stage Set

Sunlight Stage Lineup

New Dawn Set
Saturday 17 June

New Dawn Lineup

$ebbuku. Rapper, producer, stereo warrior. Hailing from Norwich at 18 years old, $ebbuku has been making brutal beats for over four years now, handing a jaw splintering uppercut to mainstream hip hop. The relentless young artist began making explosive tracks throughout some of his most testing times, placing all his stories, experiences and ‘realness’ into his music.


For his live performances you’re sucker punched with live drums and DJ up beats – almost all of Buku’s music is self produced, whilst also being completely self taught. If you’re hunting for an artist with thumping beats and immense mosh pits… You’ve found him!


$ebbuku was selected as the headliner of this year’s New Dawn stage as part of a programme that nurtures emerging musicians in the East of England.

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