The Playground Tour

with Daryl & Co and Mimbra
and BirdGang Ltd.

12:15-13:05 & 16:30-17:20
Saturday 17 June

The Playground Tour offers a double bill of dance shows for young audiences – Look Mum, No hands… playground edition! by Daryl & Co and Mimbre, and BOOK FOR SHORTS by BirdGang Ltd.


Look Mum, No Hands… playground edition!


A tender tale of friendship and growing up. Look Mum, No Hands… playground edition! explores a coming-of-age story about two friends testing their own boundaries. Together they explore freedom, taking risks and independence. They see how those things change, depending on who you are.




A Hip-Hop dance adventure where two friends need your help! Join in with the dancers and get the chance to finish telling their story in this interactive and lively show. BOOK FOR SHORTS promises to engage and inspire children through this unforgettable experience!


The Playground Tour is commissioned and produced by The Place. With support from Applause, The Egg, 101 Arts Creation Space, Stanley Arts and Wandsworth Council.