Ben Osborne Pavilion Session

East Point Pavilion

Kicking off the early evening of Saturday in our pavilion home we have Ben Osborne, described as a ‘polymath’ by Time Out (London), Ben is a DJ, writer, award winning creative producer, conceptual artist and founder of Noise of Art; a collective that marries music with film and other artistic disciplines.


His eclectic style draws from London traditions that take in disco, funk, house, soul, dub, psychedelia, jungle, hip hop, jazz and post punk. His Noise of Art events have been described as “a Cathedral of Sound” by The Guardian.


“Great music and top visuals” CMU


“A magical masterpiece” Raveena Ghattaura, ITV Anglia News.


Ben will be back with a set on the beach on Sunday so you can catch him at DJ in the Dunes

Ben Osborne & Friends