Sunday 23/06/24
St Peter & St John Church

British violinist Noel Vine brings his acclaimed recital series #ClassicalChill to this year’s festival providing a perfect soundtrack to ‘take time out from busy lives’  Accompanied by cool abstract mood lighting to enhance the experience. Programme to include a late night Lark Ascending and Nico Muhly’s Drones and Violin.


In an era marked by constant noise and distraction, the rise of #classicalchill represents a welcome respite—a sanctuary where listeners can escape the tumult of modern life and reconnect with the beauty of the present moment.  #ClassicalChill serves as a balm for the weary soul, offering solace, inspiration, and a gentle reminder of the transformative power of music.


‘…exquisite playing, full of passion and sensitivity.’ Leeds International Festival


‘..sonorous sound and beautiful clear tone…’ Ludlow Festival


‘…an evocative performance, capturing the essence of calm…’ Classique