Coco María

Sunday 23/06/24
Sunlight Stage

One of the most unique and uncompromising DJs in the world, Coco María is a selector, curator, and radio host with impeccable taste.


Born in Mexico and now based in Europe, she specialises in Brazilian, South American, Central American and Caribbean wax. Irresistible slices of forward-thinking electronic, future Latin, jazz, samba and all sorts of rarities from sunny, far-off places and all mixed with her energy and original style.


Coco will present her second ‘Club Coco’ compilation released in 2023 on Bongo Joe Records, the eagerly-awaited follow up to her widely-acclaimed 2021 debut release, which placed her front to centre as one of the most exciting new DJs around. The latest LP is a fascinating and riotous snapshot of artists on the frontiers of contemporary tropical music, and is a testament to Coco María’s passion for curation and musical discovery.


Expect sun-drenched selections, jazz, samba, cumbia, and all sorts of rarities from tropical climes, eclectic, genre-spanning, spiritual sounds.


Photo credit: Drew Eckheart @mosdrew