Joe Wells: I am Autistic

Sunday 23/06/24
First Word

Text Free

Comedian, not a person with Comedy. Autistic, not a person with Autism.


In 2020 Joe wrote a stand up routine about his (severely) non-autistic brother. A video of the routine went viral, gaining over 4.5 million views. Joe then found himself as an unelected spokesperson for all autistic people. That was a lot of pressure. Everyone wanted to know what it meant to be autistic, but he was still working it out for himself.


Follow up to the critically acclaimed “Joe Wells Doesn’t Want to Do Political Comedy Anymore!”, this is a show about identity, neurodiversity and the pressures of finding social media fame.


As seen on Rosie Jones’ Disability Comedy Extravaganza (UKTV), Ouch! Storytelling Live (BBC2), Quickies (BBC3) and Comedy Guide To Life (Dave). Co-Host of the Neurodivergent Moments podcast and author of Wired Differently: 30 Neurodivergent People Who You Should Know.


Contains strong language (suitable for age 16+)