Later Prehistoric Norfolk Project

Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd June

Planet Positive

Join the team behind the the Later Prehistoric Norfolk Project to learn more about this fascinating project that explores archaeological Norfolk landscapes that have largely disappeared from view.  Through examining two monuments, Arminghall Henge and Warham Camp, in their surrounding situations, it examines how communities in the past engaged with their environment and has created a community that is focused on understanding that past.


Art and science are connected.  The study of the deep human past is both a technically challenging scientific area of research and a creative activity in imagining the lives of people who lived a long time ago. Participants in the Later Prehistoric Norfolk Project come from a range of backgrounds and age groups. Many of the people involved in the project suffer from poor mental health. Wellbeing is a central concern and expressing thoughts creatively a core part of the work.  There will be a display of some of this artwork as well as artefacts and information from the project including from Rob Fairclough who lives in Lowestoft and suffers from bipolar disorder. During the first fieldwork season Rob was inspired to start drawing again, which he had not done in decades.


At First Light we will be showcasing this artistic work along with artefacts from the excavations.