Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

12:00-19:00 Saturday 22 June
10:00-16:00 Sunday 23 June
Planet Positive Tent
Planet Positive



The Natural History Museum has over 80 million real objects from nature!


The museum call them specimens and study them to help us gain a deeper understanding of biodiversity so we can protect our planet.


Visit them at Planet Positive to explore the hidden worlds of coastal biodiversity with scientists from the Natural History Museum and investigate some of the specimens they study.


You will also have the chance to take part in their latest community science project; Nature Overheard to help nature on our doorsteps by learning how to identify different species through sound alone and contribute to current scientific research.


Challenge yourself with our climate action game… scientists from a dystopian future have sent us an urgent request for help and we need you! Choose wisely to help solve environmental dilemmas, will you solve all the clues in time?