The Misbehaving Letters

The Misbehaving Letters

Sunday 23/06/2024
Cosmic Pirates

Family Friendly
BSL Interpreted

The alphabet is misbehaving!


The letters like to swap places and jumble. They love to dance across the page. They like to twirl around and go upside down. And sometimes they flee the stage!


Misha and Sophie have a class project to complete but they don’t always find reading easy. Especially when they have to navigate some vicious vowels and confusing constants.


So what can they do? Give up? No way! Misha and Sophie will do what they do best, having lots of fun. If Misha conducts them with his musical ear and Sophie can choreograph them with her dancing feet, maybe these mischievous letters can befriend each other and bring amazing stories to life?


The Misbehaving letters is an inclusive, playful and original theatre show suitable for the whole family.


Funded by Opsis Theatre Company and Arts Council England, Suffolk