First Flight exhibition and installations fill Lowestoft with vibrant art over the weekend of 26th and 27th June 2021.

First Flight participating artists have responded to the concept of a bird box in ways that reflect their practice.  These largely ephemeral works will be displayed in Kensington Gardens and also in the historic High Street where intriguing installations highlight the significance of Lowestoft for migrating birds and raising awareness of the importance of habitats for birds, especially in an urban environment.

A huge thank you to all of the local, regional and national artists who have taken part.

See below for information about participating artists.


Exhibiting Artists

Kensington Gardens:

Frances Martin

Gwyneth FitzMaurice

Ffiona Lewis

Graham Crowley

Andy Greenacre

Amanda Edgcombe

Martin Battye

David Baldry

Les Bicknell

John Christie

Alex Costello

Simon Farr

Annie Farr

Linda Farrow

Jeff Fisher

Marc Linton & Russell Marsh

Bill Jackson


Simon Turner

Bill Haward

Darren Breeze

Harvey Bradley


Joe Lawrence

Zoe Rubens

Paddy Peters

Mark Fuller

Jon Warnes

Susan Horth

Jacqueline Pooley

Julie Carpenter

Lowestoft Arts Group

Margaret Parsons

John Daynes

Su Gooderham

Penelope Dack

John Pitts