Festive Table Decoration Workshop

Artist and First Light Festival Community Arts Co-ordinator, Susan Brinkhurst, has been busy preparing her house for those cosy winter nights!

Join Sue as she teaches us how to make a festive table decoration that casts magical shadows around the room! You will need:

  • – A balloon
  • – A bowl
  • – A marker pen
  • – String
  • – Scissors
  • – PVA glue and water (half and half)
  • – A glue brush
  • – Paint and a paintbrush
  • – Eco-friendly glitter
  • – A tealight in a jar, or battery powered tealight


Have fun! And don’t forget to send us your creations – email us at info@firstlightlowestoft.com or tag us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share your festive table decoration!