Glass Bead Hanging Workshop

You may spot Clare’s handiwork around Kirkley and the south beach – her colourful yarn bombing can sometimes be found adorning trees and lamp posts! She often organises activities and knitting groups in the local community, and runs the Hunny Bee Vintage shop on London Road South in Lowestoft – now you can take part too by learning how to make a beautiful light-catching glass beaded hanging! You will need:

  • – Assorted beads
  • – Garden wire or crafting wire
  • – Pliers
  • – Thick lolly stick
  • – Ruler or tape measure
  • – A pen
  • – A cork
  • – A screw-driver (or another sharp implement to make holes)


Have fun! And don’t forget to send us your creations – email us at or tag us and use #FirstLightFromHome on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share your beautiful beaded hanging!