Print Making Workshop

Join Lisa Hurcum from Paper-works, Lowestoft, and discover how to make your very own fiery sun print!

For this simple yet effective activity for youngsters and adults alike, you will need the following basic resources:

    • – One or two polystyrene tiles
    • – Paper
    • – Ballpoint pen or a pencil
    • – Tracing paper
    • – Masking tape
    • – A clean, flat surface
    • – Cartridge paper
    • – Water-based felt tip pens (option one only)
    • – A sponge and some water (option one only)
    • – Poster paints (option two only)
    • – Foam roller and tray (option two only)


Have fun! And don’t forget to send us your creations – email us at or tag us #FirstLightFromHome on Facebook and Instagram to share your fiery sun prints!