Sunburst Headdress Workshop

Sue is First Light’s Community Arts Co-ordinator, as well as being an Artist and workshop facilitator. She would usually be putting together the finishing touches on the opening parade for the festival, so in the spirit of this she has created these wonderful headdresses for you to make at home.

To make this dramatic headdress you will need the following:

  • – A headband
  • – Gold foil / wrapping paper
  • – Double sided tape and normal tape
  • – A soft cloth
  • – Scissors
  • – PVA glue and a glue stick
  • – Elastic bands
  • – A ruler and pencil
  • – Clothes pegs
  • – 21-sheets of A4 copy paper
  • – A dinner plate


Share your creations with us and be part of our virtual parade on Facebook by tagging us @firstlightlowestoft and using the hash tag #FirstLightFromHome on Twitter.