What to Expect Symbols


You may have seen access symbols around our website and event pages.

These are to help make sure you know what you can expect at our events.

If you have any questions about these symbols, or if there are barriers we can remove to help you participate in First Light, please email robbie@firstlightlowestoft.com

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Wheelchair Accessible Access Icon

Wheelchair Accessible
This means that the venue where this event is taking place is fully accessible for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.


Partially Accessible Access Icon

Partially Accessible
This means that while wheelchairs and mobility scooters won’t be able to access the entire venue, users will be able to see the stage from specific viewpoints. For example, the main area in front of the Sunlight Stage is on sand, though there will be a designated viewing platform on the shore side on the venue, and the stage will be viewable from Jubilee Promenade, which is smooth tarmac.


Family Friendly Access Icon

Family Friendly
This means that the performance or event is suitable for audiences of all ages


Join In! Access Icon

Join In
This means that you are invited to take part in this event. It might be getting hands on in a workshop, interacting with performers, or helping to make the event happen. However it is, we encourage you to muck in and get involved!


Get Loud Access Icon

Get Loud!
This means that the you don’t need to worry about keeping quiet – the performers would love for you to shout out, clap, cheer and make some noise. No need to be shy!


Text Free Access Icon

Text Free!
This means that there will be no written text or words at this event.


Speech Free Access Icon

Speech Free
This means that the performers won’t be speaking during the performance.