Inspired by the sea, land and sky

First Light Festival is inspired by Lowestoft’s natural environment – the beach, sun, sea, sky and stars. Our aim is to be the most ‘net-positive’ gathering we can be, by ensuring we work to high environmental standards through our production practices and partnerships. We recognise that as a large-scale cultural event we have a role to play in influencing audience behaviours and attitudes, which we will address through strong programming and clear communications. As a relatively new festival, we also have a long way to go on our sustainability journey.

We will continue to work both independently and collaboratively with stakeholders, service providers and audiences to be as environmentally responsible as possible, through both practical and holistic actions.

A Sustainable Programme

With issues of flooding, resilience and our connection to nature threaded through this year’s festival programme, we’re working hard to curate activities that inspire and engage. Our Planet Positive zone is a hub of hands-on information on climate research, while installations such as Gideon Mendel’s banners are a stark reminder as to the ongoing impact of the climate emergency. The new Power Positive zone explores the role of renewables in our energy sector, and our Opening Parade is inspired by the urban and marine biodiversity on Lowestoft’s doorstep.

Working Behind the Scenes

As well as an engaging environmental programme, we’re working hard on the details of our production, waste management, water and energy, to make them as efficient as possible (putting our words into actions). Click below to download our Environmental Policy.

Environmental Policy

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