NIHR ARC East of England Research

Well-being is an important focus for First Light.  Our friends at ARC East of England are conducting a five-year collaborative project between researchers, NHS Trusts, local governments, charities and industry partners across the region. They aim to improve care by undertaking applied research which supports NHS and Social Care staff to change practice and look at whether care and treatments are effective and provide good value.

The impact of coronavirus on food and eating in the East of England

The prevention and early detection in health and social care research team are seeking participants!

Covid-19 is affecting how people are accessing food, shopping, cooking and eating and the way food is distributed. NIHR ARC Easting of England are undertaking research to enable immediate lessons to be learned, help plan for future challenges, and find out who is and is not getting the help they need. The research will help us to understand how people are managing their food at this difficult time and will allow you to contribute with your views and experiences. Click here to find out more.

To be involved in this essential research, please get in touch by emailing, or call Claire Thompson, Senior Research Fellow, on 01707 289345, to find out more.

What does the term ‘prevention’ mean to you?

A separate project looks at what the word ‘prevention’ means to us. The general definition of prevention is ‘an action stopping something from happening’.  In health, it means taking action to lower the chance of getting ill or more ill, or needing more care. But what does it mean to you?

To find out more and submit your response, please download, complete and email this form to Claire Thompson –