A wealth of Visual Arts across the festival weekend.

Across the festival we’ve an incredible array of art and artists, including Laurence Edwards elemental sculpture Walking Men on South Beach, Easterly Artists Art at the Edge exhibition and our Weather Vane arts project in Kensington Gardens. You’ll hear engrossing conversations about art and culture in Messums East Art Hub and there are hands on making and creating sessions in our Making Waves zone.  First Light artist Alex Costello returns for some surprising performance art – catch him over the weekend and at Dawn!

Visual Arts Highlights

Routes, Circles and Cycles

Messums East Art Hub - TBC

Laurence Edwards: Walking Men

South Beach - 22/06/2024
Across the Weekend

Alexander Costello

Cosmic Pirates - 22/06/2024
Across the weekend

Easterly Artists

Kensington Gardens - 22/06/2024
Across the Weekend

Messums East Art Hub

Planet Positive - 22/06/2024
Across the weekend

Weather Vane

East Point Pavilion - 22/06/2024
Across the Weekend