Sculptures and live performances pepper South Beach across the festival weekend.

Whether you’re seeking a solitary, reflective walk across the sands or a photo opportunity with the family, highlights from this year’s visual arts offer include Laurence Edward’s live sculpting sessions in Planet Positive, an exhibition of Suffolk artwork from Easterly Artists, Alexander Costello’s performance collections, All You Need To Know Right Now, or our Noon to Moon community project in Kensington Gardens and East Point Pavilion.

Visual Arts Highlights

Alexander Costello

South Beach - 17/06/2023
Across the Weekend

Chthonic Head

South Beach - 17/06/2023
Across the weekend

Art and The Ecological Crisis

Interstellar Ideas on the Green - 17/06/2023

Easterly Artists

Gardens Stage - 17/06/2023
Across the Weekend


Interstellar Ideas on the Green - 18/06/2023

Portrait Sculpture Live

Planet Positive - 17/06/2023
14:00-16:00, 18:00-20:00, 11:00-13:00