Alexander Costello

All You Need To Know Right Now


Performance/Installation in daylight hours across 24 hours (with breaks, and some sleep), South Beach
Saturday 18th June – Sunday 19th June

All You Need To Know Right Now is a series of huge performance-based sculptural interventions; a developmental step forward (or backward) in the artist’s pursuit of locating and harnessing ‘idea’ through the manipulation (often wrestling) of materials, struggle, play, and an appreciation and recognition that what happens happens, and what has happened, has happened and was always going to happen, because that’s what happened, while it was happening, as it was happening, and therefore did.

The work, to be performed and installed on the shore line, respects a rich history of absurdist performance, while the artist comes to terms with the impossibility of this self imposed pursuit, and the un-forgiveness of materials and the elements.

Thanks to Saxons / Smurfit Kappa for support with materials.

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