Andy Sheppard East Coast

18:30-19:15 Sunlight Stage
Saturday 18 June

The new project Andy Sheppard East Coast, led by the saxophonist, sees Sheppard inviting three of the most innovative instrumentalists at work today on the UK’s scene:  John Parricelli on guitars, Dudley Philips on bass guitar and double bass and Nic France on drums.

The music explores new grounds for Sheppard’s melodic inventiveness, anchored in inspirational coastal landscapes and sounds, it is perfectly fitting that its UK premiere will be at First Light Festival, celebrating one cycle of midsummer sun setting and rising over the beach in the UK’s most easterly town.

Innovative but lyrical, sometimes ethereal but always ready to groove, grounded in tradition but free from boundaries, where the contrasts between all the different elements converge in an ongoing moment in time. A group of four distinctive musicians seeking to connect through the synergy of diverse musical languages infused with a greater sense of openness in the making.


Andy will also perform at 04:00 on Sunday 19 June at the Sunlight Stage as part of our Dawn Programme.


Click here for the full Sunlight Stage line up



Performances on the Sunlight Stage are viewable from the beach, trackway and Jubilee parade. Please note this is public access and not a managed viewing area. Seating is not provided.

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