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Rosemary Lee – Circadian


on the hour, every hour, for 24 hours, first performance Saturday 13.00

Set against the changing skies, light and sea of Lowestoft’s south beach CIRCADIAN, is an intimate durational performance created by acclaimed choreographer Rosemary Lee.

On the hour, every hour one of 24 dancers ranging in age from 8-80 years will perform a short solo accompanied by a song performed live by singer/ composer Isaac Lee-Kronick.  Starting with the youngest and ending with the eldest 24 hours later, each dancer will bring their own unique quality to this repeating, almost ritualistic performance. With its moments of intensity and stillness, CIRCADIAN draws on our inextricable connection with time and the cyclical rhythms of birth and death, light and darkness.

One of the UK’s most respected choreographers and directors, Rosemary Lee was born and grew up in Lowestoft and spent much of her childhood on the South Beach.  She learned to dance at the Phyllis Adams School of Dance and both her father and grandfather were directors of the Lowestoft Fisheries laboratory (now Cefas).

Over the last 30 years she has created large-scale site-specific and solo works, video installations and short films. Regardless of their scale, these projects have an intimate quality and often explore our relationship with our environment. Recent projects include Passage for Par (2018) for the Groundwork season performed by 30 women on a Cornish beach and Calling Tree, made in collaboration with Simon Whitehead centred around an iconic tree has been adapted for numerous contexts in Wales (Migrations 2016) /London (LIFT/Bloomsbury Festival, 2016) and Spain (DNA Festival 2018).  Liquid Gold is The Air, a video installation made in collaboration with Roswitha Chesher, continues to be presented in galleries, churches and other public spaces.

Watch an interview with Rosemary Lee discussing Circadian here

Dancers/time of appearance:

Saturday 22 June                                 Sunday 23 June


Evie Smith   – 1pm                             Lynnette King  – 1am

Ralph Bates   – 2pm                           Mary Davies  – 2am

Skye Dorward  – 3pm                        Anna Williams  – 3am

Isaac Looker  – 4pm                           Nicky Gibbs  – 4am

Meredith Winship  – 5pm                 Rebecca Chapman  – 5am

Helen Lamb  – 6pm                            Andy Newman  – 6am

Tilly Lee-Kronick  – 7pm                   Rosemary Lee  – 7am

Richard Pye  – 8pm                            Caroline Mummery  – 8am

Lizzie Stanley  – 9pm                          Diego Robirosa  – 9am

Sarah Lewis  – 10pm                          Lyn Mathews  – 10am  

Laura McGill  – 11pm                         Cecil Rowe  – 11am

Abby Page  – midnight                      Pam Williams  – midday


Each solo lasting 12 minutes


Photos ©Ian Tilton

Choreography by Rosemary Lee with support from Aya Kobayashi & Sophie Arstall

Song composed and performed by Isaac Lee-Kronick

Costume design and styling by Flora Moyes

All dancers are based in the East Region

Produced by Nicky Childs, Artsadmin with support from DanceEast

Commissioned by First Light Festival and DanceEast.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England