Elvis McGonagall


20:00-20:45 First Word
Saturday 18 June

Stand-up poet, comedian and broadcaster, armchair revolutionary and walking shortbread tin, Elvis McGonagall resides at The Graceland Caravan Park somewhere in the back of beyond where he scribbles satirical verse whilst drinking malt whisky and listening to Johnny Cash.

Two series of his sitcom “Elvis McGonagall Takes A Look On The Bright Side” have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 where he appears regularly, most recently on “Radio 4’s “Loose Ends” and on “Stand-Up Specials: Full Tartan Jacket” which was the featured Radio 4 “Comedy of the Week” podcast as well as the documentary “My Name Is Elvis” which featured on Radio 4’s “Pick of the Week’ as well as. Elvis also pops up occasionally on the telly.

A deftly witty wordsmith, sharp and subversive but not afraid to be plain daft, Elvis has been spitting his scurrilous diatribes against the powers that be since 2003. And look at the state of the world now. So that’s eighteen years of futile ranting.

Elvis McGonagall’s meteoric rise to glittering showbiz obscurity continues apace – destined perhaps to remain a complete and utter cult but huge in North Korea.

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The First Word tent has ramped access onto trackway from Jubilee Parade. Inside, there are solid wooden floors, and seating is available.

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