Excelsior Open Boat


Excelsior Open Boat at First Light Festival

This much-loved local icon of our maritime heritage will be based on Heritage Quay, South Pier for the Festival.  Open to visitors, the friendly crew will show you around this last remaining working example of a Lowestoft Smack where you will get a flavour of what life on board was like over 100 years ago.


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Interested in an evening on board followed by a day’s sailing? Excelsior are offering a chance to see the sunrise from the most easterly point in England. You will be welcomed on board in the evening and introduced to the crew and fellow adventurers where you can share supper and get prepared for an early morning departure to see Dawn break. This will be followed by a few hours sailing off the Suffolk coast on this wonderful Lowestoft Smack, Excelsior. Supper, lunch and refreshments will be provided. Tickets for this experience are £175 per person.

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Image credit Rob Howarth Photography