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Federico Albanese


Sunday 23 June 2019
02:30 – 03:30

Sunlight Stage

As dawn starts to break on the beach, join Federico Albanese for a performance of his latest work By the Deep Sea which blends classical music, electronica and psychedelia.  As well as the piano, Albanese includes Rhodes piano, synthesizers, Hammond organ, electric, acoustic, bass guitars and field recordings in this elegant and nuanced work.

“By The Deep Sea is a state of mind in which I find myself quite often.“ says Albanese. “It’s a sort of meditation state, when I try to detach myself from the daily life. In this inner world there is space to get closer to our deepest thoughts, ideas, doubts, close enough to see them clearly, from the right distance, and being able to process them, exorcise them, translate them into somsomething  else.”

His highly acclaimed debut solo album The Houseboat and the Moon (2014) has been described as “pure gold”, and “one of the most beautiful modern classical albums of the past years“. Albanese’s second album The Blue Hour (2016) came out via the legendary Berlin Classics and their newly launched label Neue Meister. With this record Albanese enhanced the overall sound image even further, with its mixture of compositional precision and dreamlike fluidity.  Following the release of The Blue Hour Albanese performed numerous concerts across Europe including Womad Festival (UK), Montreux Jazz Festival (CH) and SXSW in Austin, Texas (USA)