Firdevs Eke: From Istanbul to Seville


16:15-17:00 Gardens Stage
Saturday 18 June

Firdevs Eke is a Turkish pianist, composer and singer with a very distinctive musical language that is a result of her life journey. Born in Istanbul, she spent most of her childhood and adolescence in Seville (Spain) where she was strongly influenced by Andalusian folk music rhythms and harmonies which led her to develop a compositional style blending her Eastern roots with classical music, jazz and flamenco.

Intemporal is the word to describe Firdevs’ music. A merging of the past and present, the remote and familiar, her original compositions and arrangements of Turkish folkloric music present soulful melodies with colourful harmonies and lively rhythms.

Firdevs has been performing as a solo pianist and in various instrumental settings in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, and the UK. In 2005, she founded the Buhara Ensemble, with which she regularly performs her music.

As a composer, Firdevs has developed a comprehensive repertoire that includes many pieces for piano and other solo instruments, chamber music, orchestral and vocal pieces.

Currently based in Norwich, she continues to perform and write music for different instrumental settings.