A black and white image of Havez, a young man wading through a sun lit river


17:00-18:00 Fishers Gin Beach Club
Saturday 18 June

Local Lowestoft lad, Havez loves a dance. He started his musical journey between Norwich and Sheffield, popping up behind the decks at parties and throwing his own, before co-founding Fine City favourite, Tropico.

Here he honed his love for playing everything and anything, leading to sets and parties across the country and Europe, the growing of an enviable record collection and less enviable bank balance.

Now in London, that original Loft Party style of eclecticism and staunch music policy of ‘strictly dancing tunes only’ that originally captured Havez very much remains his mantra when the dance floor is in mind. Expect a set full of genre-spanning classics, oddities, grooves, bubblers, beats and everything in between – equal helpings of forward thinking selections and nostalgia guaranteed. It’s a homecoming party.

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