Izzy & Ollie

08:30-08:55 New Dawn
Sunday 19 June

Hi my name is Isabella Rodrigues, I’m 17 years old. My family moved to Suffolk when I was very young so, I’ve grown up here. I have loved music for as long as I can remember, bit it was during lockdown I really started to play guitar. I play acoustic, electric and bass across a variety of genres, from covers to performing my own songs. Recently I’ve been attending open mic nights and playing locally at the weekends, which is where I met Ollie… We became good friends and through our love of music decided to play as a duo. Ollie is a multi talented musician.

Over to Ollie:

Hi my names Ollie, and I play the drums in Lavosoi (La – Voo – Zoy) – I adore playing anything from lounge jazz, neo-soul and fingerstyle on a guitar – to reggae, world, soul and blues from behind a drum set. Mixing all the genres together to get a more developed and mature voice for music, that’s still very playful at heart.

I’m driven to find music that is unique and emotive, as I think making a song is a great way of pocketing a story or emotion for later. It is why I’m inspired by players such as Steve Vai, Jeff Beck and Bjork. Creating music through expression of noise, and finding ways of replicating an instrument onto another.

However, I’ve always loved making music from behind a drum set, as it supports the person I’m playing with. For a few years, I’ve been as an in-house drummer at open mics across Norfolk and Suffolk, which encourages me to adapt to new players and their music on the spot. Through doing this I met Izzy, and ever since we’ve been close in making music together.


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