Laboratory Media Education: Verse Converse


Across the Weekend
Seagull Theatre

Verse Converse is a unique, immersive, sound and light, kinetic installation that generates music from body heat.

The installation will allow you to to make musical conversation by simply being in the space. No music making experience will be needed. At a time when social distancing and polarised arguments have damaged mental health and divided society, this is an opportunity for a variety of social groups and individuals to create beautiful harmony and contemplate each other’s input.  Participants will experience the beauty and harmony that can be created by the warmth we all radiate.

The participants will be invited to enter a non verbal space and find the connections and conversations through other senses.

Each participants body turns a rotor above them through rising thermal winds of body heat and breath. The turning rotors trigger musical notes. The notes become part of a composed sequence that changes periodically. The sound is synthesised with coloured light, creating shadow that is projected through the space as the illuminated rotors turn.

Participants are invited to explore the room, sounds and light.