Festival Livestreaming


Whether you’re based just down the beach or half way around the globe, we want everyone to feel a part of this year’s Festival. Our Livestream broadcast will be going out across the June weekend, beaming a flavour of the Festival from South beach to the world.  As well as the below schedule of music and theatre, our camera folk will be roaming the beach capturing the most spontaneous moments of the weekend.


Livestream Schedule

Saturday 18 June

11:30   Winds of Change Opening Parade, from Claremont Pier

12:00   The Light Returns, Sunlight Stage

12:15   John Ward Band, Sunlight Stage

13:00   Slide Action, Sunlight Stage

13:15   Storytime on the Beach with Suffolk Libraries: Commotion in the Ocean, Cosmic Pirates

13:45   Kosmos, Sunlight Stage

14:30  Storytime on the Beach with Suffolk Libraries: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Cosmic Pirates

14:45   New Dawn Stage Headline Act, Sunlight Stage

15:15    Nic Pendlebury plays Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint, Sunlight Stage

15:45   FolkEast present Sam Kelly and the Lost Boys, Sunlight Stage

16:00   Mike Garry, First Word

16:45   Rob Auton, First Word

17:15   Juanita Euka, Sunlight Stage

17:45   Lewis Buxton, First Word

18:15   Jemima Foxtrot, First Word

18:30   Andy Sheppard East Coast, Sunlight Stage

19:00   Salena Godden, First Word

19:45   Secret Night Gang, Sunlight Stage

20:00   Elvis McGonagall, First Word

21:00   Les Spaine, Sunlight Stage

22:00   LTJ Bukem, Sunlight Stage

Sunday 19 June

00:00   Pakefield Man set Alight!

03:30   Sunrise Livestream

04:00   Andy Sheppard East Coast, Sunlight Stage

05:30   Nic Pendlebury plays Terry Riley’s Dorian Reeds, Sunlight Stage

06:15   First Light Ensemble, Sunlight Stage

07:30   Pop Chorus, Sunlight Stage

08:30   Art Deco Trio, Sunlight Stage

09:45    Shanties, Sunlight Stage

10:45   Coronation Kings, Sunlight Stage

11:45   Group A, Sunlight Stage