Single-Use-Plastic Surgery

with Precious Plastic East


South Beach

Feeling sick of the plastic problem?

If you’re confused about single-use plastics, why not visit our pop-up Single-Use-Plastic Surgery for a consultation? Simply bring a piece of waste plastic to the surgery, or tell us about a single-use plastic problem you’re facing in your everyday life, and our resident Plastic Surgeon will help you to diagnose the plastic, and give you a prescription for one of the four Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse or Recycle.

You could bring a piece of waste plastic you have found or collected, or a piece of plastic waste you have generated during the festival.

At the surgery you can also see some examples of common single-use plastic objects that you might be familiar with, including some plastics you might expect to find at festivals. You’ll learn how to identify what types of plastic these objects are made from, and decide which of the four Rs apply.

After visiting the surgery, why not head over to the Fantastic Plastic Collection Arcade where you can use your plastic litter?

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