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Sunrise on the Beach with Talvin Singh


Sunday 23 June 2019
04:00 – 04:45

Sunlight Stage and on the Beach

As dawn starts to break, immerse yourself in Federico Albanese’s latest work By the Deep Sea, then listen to Talvin Singh’s performance of his work ‘Light’ as it carries across the beach.

Watch as rowing gigs – a symbol of Lowestoft’s maritime heritage and of a past tradition, are glimpsed sailing on the horizon and then towards the beach.  They will bring fish which together with bread rolls baked by students from East Coast College will form the basis of an early morning feast.  Pay what you can or bring your own, to make the sunrise feast a true celebration of the new day.

Photo courtesy H. Jenkins


Our feasting table has been specially built by Lowestoft’s Mens Shed.  Thank you to all the creative men who have got involved in First Light with particular thanks to Bob Peek for all the organising and enthusiasm.