the album: skool edition

Two Dancers in purple and blue streetwear dance enthusiastically in an outdoor performance


by SAY
13:15 and 17:00 MoonDance
Saturday 18 June
The 17:00 performance will be BSL Interpreted

Celebrate the joy and innocence of making up dances to exciting new music in this interactive, outdoor dance show!

SAY’s energy is infectious and will inspire you to get creative with movement too! Combining fast-paced and slick contemporary dance routines to exciting new music, including tracks with UK beatbox champion MC Zani and alternative pop artist Naomi Banks, the album: skool edition is an interactive dance created specifically for kids and their families.

SAY was born from Sarah Golding and Yukiko Masui’s ambition to rediscover the creativity that can get lost through formal training and to challenge the elitism sometimes associated with contemporary dance. Collaborating with music artists, SAY have combined dynamic contemporary styles to create a slick and playful performance.

This performance is aimed at young people from 3-10 years old, but is suitable for families and older siblings.

Created by Sarah Golding and Yukiko Masui. Co-produced by The Place. Commissioned by The Place, Dance East. Image by Camilla Greenwell.




Access and What to Expect

The Moon Dance tent has ramped access from Jubilee Parade. There are flat, solid wooden floor inside, and seating is available.

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