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Suffolk Shorts: Tides and Times


Saturday 22 June 2019
20:00 – 21:00

Sunday 23 June 2019
00:00 – 00:45


First Light Festival takes place over 24 hours, on the summer solstice weekend, in the most easterly point of the UK. The sun rises over the sea here first and the films in this programme have been chosen for their tidal or temporal themes. Here the passage of time can be distorted and separated from the inevitability of gravitational forces. Films include:


A sumptuous documentary about people trying to change their lives for the better through the restorative powers of the Walpole Bay Tidal Pool.


Emily finds herself disconnected from the world around her. She drifts back through her memories to relive different moments from her life. Looking to her past helps her to fully understand the present.


The story of a life together. It begins and ends in the same place and time – on a beach where Alice has come to reflect on her relationship with Michael. It’s both the story of that one moment and the story of their whole relationship, seen through the shifting sands of Alice’s memory.


Seven occupies the liminal space where wilderness and culture, tradition and modernity collide. The film unfolds in a surreal and stunning Arctic landscape of rearing cliffs and vast seascapes at the edge of civilisation.

The Suffolk Short Film Festival is a new festival launching in Ipswich in 2020.  In 2019 the Suffolk Shorts team is curating three specially chosen short film programmes for First Light Festival; Tides and Times, East Anglian Stories and a collection of Family Festival Films.