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Tobias Ford – Pakefield Man


Saturday 22 June 2019
02:45 – Pakefield Man set alight

The Beach

Tobias’s First Light Festival sculpture draws inspiration from Lowestoft’s historic beaches, particulary Pakefield Beach, where in 2005 evidence of human activity was found in the form of worked flints that date from 700,000 years ago.  ‘Pakefield Man’ will be created by Tobias during the festival and will be set alight, in homage to the spirit of the beach and the ancient people who inhabited it.

Suffolk based sculptor Tobias Ford’s practice focuses on figurative works of art made from steel, which communicate the subtle properties of the body.  Tobias works from Butley Mill Studios and has exhibited collaboratively with writer, composer and artist Dide Siemmond in Sapporo, Japan, and Venice, Italy.