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Your Place in the Cosmos – with Professor Carolin Crawford


Saturday 22 June 2019
18:00 -19:00

Interstellar Ideas on the Green

Everyone knows space is big – but where and how do we and the planet we live on fit into the Solar System, or our own Galaxy? What lies beyond the Milky Way? This talk will introduce you to the scale, structure and geography of our Universe. Come along and get a new sense of perspective…

Professor Carolin Crawford is an astrophysicist researcher, lecturer and Public Astronomer based at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge and a supernumerary fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  As a committed communicator of science she gives many talks on a wide range of astronomical topics to a variety of audiences, and is a regular contributor to both national and local radio programmes. In 2009 Carolin was noted as one of the UKRC ’s Women of Outstanding Achievement for the communication of science with a contribution to society.


Cosmos Photo Credit: NASA/ESA/P Crowther(Sheffield)