Cuban Salsa Workshop

Saturday 22/06/24

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Join Jose Ferrera at MoonDance and learn the best salsa moves. Jose, originally from Guantanamo, is founder of Norwich Cuna Salsa. He has previously worked in Cuba as a professional Afro-Cuban percussionist and for more than 15  years with Danza Libre, a folkloric group combining music and dance. 


Cuban salsa has become a worldwide craze. The attraction lies in so many reasons beyond just the beauty of the dance. It creates some of the best examples of healthy communities: groups of people of any ages, backgrounds and abilities who learn, move, laugh, and grow together. The diversity of people that meet and forge friendships through Cuban dance is just as enriching as the dance itself.


Dancing is an amazing way to create cross-cultural connections, keep active, and meet new people.


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