Playground Edition: Olive Branch & Mughal Miniatures

12:15-13:05 & 15:30-16:20
Saturday 22/06/24

Speech Free
Text Free
Family Friendly

Join us at MoonDance for this family double-bill performance presented by The Place.


Mughal Miniatures: The Elephant and the Drummer by Sonia Sabri Company is an interactive dance performance for all ages, which celebrates and takes inspiration from the exquisite traditional art of Indian and Persian miniature painting. With live drumming and fabulous puppetry, join us for a fun and empowering story of body-positivity and self-acceptance.


Olive Branch…playground edition by Vanhulle Dance Theatre is a dynamic, feel-good, funny and family friendly dance duet that intertwines contemporary dance with martial arts. It’s a poetic tale of rediscovering the wonder and beauty that nature provides. Following a new and unusual friendship between two strangers who, despite miscommunications, quickly learn to overcome differences by developing trust and acceptance, and together forming an alliance to defend mother nature.

Suitable for ages 4-11.


The Playground Tour is commissioned and produced by The Place. With support from Crawley’s Creative Playground, DanceEast, Dance Reading, 101 Arts Creation Space and Stanley Arts.


Photo credits: Simon Richardson (Soni Sabri Company) and Gallery Marso (Vanhulle Dance Company)


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