Universe of Music

Saturday 22/6/24
Interstellar Ideas

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First Light artist in residence, Steve Pretty and acclaimed astronomer Chris Lintott (BBC Sky at Night, Stargazing Live) are unlikely collaborators. Having met backstage at the Hammersmith Apollo during one of Robin Ince and Brian Cox’s science/comedy/music spectaculars, they discovered a shared love of music and astronomy, albeit with each confessing their ignorance of the other’s chosen discipline.


And so Universe of Music was born. With insights into both space and music, as well as their points of connection, expect information and a big dose of fun. What do clapping on the beat and UFOs have in common? What does music sound like in the international space station? What does a system of exoplanets around a distant star teach us about musical harmonics?


A talk that is part gig and part informal lecture, Universe of Music helps you to see and hear the universe in new ways.


Steve Pretty is a trumpet player, composer, arranger and Hackney Colliery bandleader. He also has his own podcast ‘On The Origin of the Pieces‘.