Our talks tent, Interstellar Ideas, is in the Planet Positive zone on the beach this year and you’ll be treated to dialogue and conversations with speakers at the cutting edge of their fields on issues around the climate and more.

Saturday features writers, poets, musicians, and legendary music producer Joe Boyd covering rhythm, maps, worlds, and universes.

Sunday morning sees theatre piece Phoenix Dodo Butterfly from UEA considering three futures: one of flood, one of fire, and one of drought.

Followed by talks from the Natural History Museum, Cefas, and a very Lowestoft story about charity shop finds and the Dockside Dandies with Pete Wylie and Wayne Hemingway.

There’s more that might interest you in Messums East which is in the same zone with exchanges and talks on visual arts and more.

Saturday 22 JuneĀ 

12:15 Xiaolu Gao: Coastlines

13:30 Steve Pretty and Chris Lintott: Universe of Music

14:45 Diaphonous: George Szirtes’ Worlds of Poetry

16:00 Travis Elborough: Maps are Us – The Atlas Unbound

17:15 Joe Boyd: And the Roots of Rhythm Remain

18:30 Jay Griffiths: Maps of Wildness


Sunday 23 JuneĀ 

10:30 Phoenix Dodo Butterfly

12:30 What do Museums Do? With Jon Ablett from the Natural History Museum

13:45 Michaela Schratzberger from Cefas

15:00 Dockside Dandies with Peter Wylie and Wayne Hemingway


Waterstones will be running a bookshop over the festival weekend so be sure to visit to find more about the writers and performers!

Talks Highlights

Michaela Schratzberger

Interstellar Ideas - 23/06/2024

Messums East Art Hub

Planet Positive - 22/06/2024
Across the weekend

Xiaolu Guo: Coastlines

Interstellar Ideas - 22/06/2024

Dockside Dandies of Lowestoft

Interstellar Ideas - 23/06/2024

Joe Boyd: And the Roots of Rhythm Remain

Interstellar Ideas - 22/06/2024

Phoenix, Dodo, Butterfly

Interstellar Ideas - 23/06/2024

What Do Museums Do?

Interstellar Ideas - 23/06/2024

Universe of Music

Interstellar Ideas - 22/06/2024

Diaphonous: George Szirtes' Worlds of Poetry

Interstellar Ideas - 22/06/2024

Maps are Us: The Atlas Unbound

Interstellar Ideas - 22/06/2024

Maps of Wildness

Interstellar Ideas - 22/06/2024