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First Light is inspired by Lowestoft’s natural environment. You can help us keep the beach and gardens special by doing the following:

Leave no trace – take everything you bring back home with you.

We will be providing extra recycling and waste bins during the festival – use them! Don’t upset David Attenborough by letting it end up in the sea…

Take care to throwing stuff away – are you using the right bin? If a recycling bin is contaminated with general waste it cannot be recycled.

Don’t drop chewing gum, cigarette stubs and filter wrappers on the floor. They’re a pain to pick up. Also wet wipes = gross.

Join us for a mass beach clean at the end of the festival, coordinated by Rubbish Walks.



Leave your car at home and use public transport to the festival site.

Help us reduce single use plastics by not using plastic straws or plastic bottles. All cups from the bar are made from renewable cornstarch.

Bring or buy a re-usable bottle and fill up from one of our refillable water points

Please use water responsibly. Turn off taps and help us use water efficiently

Please only use what you need. If every Festival-goer used four napkins instead of one, there would be an extra 450,000 napkins wasted unnecessarily.

Please use the toilets provided.

Please do not bring in glass bottles or other prohibited items such as paper lanterns.


All waste captured goes for sorting and processing at the Materials Recycling Facility in Great Blakenham, outside Ipswich. Material collected in seafront bins is part of the 50,000 tons of material that is sorted and recycled annually.

If it can’t be recycled, refuse is sent to the Energy From Waste facility to generate electricity. No material collected in refuse bins – either public or domestic – is landfilled in Suffolk. It is ALL either recycled or used to generate electricity.

Now we think that is pretty cool.