Kicks off 03:45 Sunlight Stage
Sunday 19 June

As the morning sun emerges across the horizon, we’ll meet by the water’s edge for a programme of music, activity and reflection that welcomes in a new day, together. Gather with friends, family and neighbours for a shared sunrise experience with feet in the sand and music in the breeze, as the very first light of day hits England.

Dawn includes a free fisherman’s feast for all attendees, as well as membership to the inaugural Sunrise Club.


04:00   Andy Sheppard
Welcome the sun rising over the beach in England’s most easterly town with the melodic strains of renowned saxophonist Andy Sheppard, firstly in a duet with and John Parricelli on guitars and then together with Dudley Philips on bass guitar & double bass and Nic France on drums as they perform Andy’s new project East Coast.

05:15   Nic Pendlebury performs Terry Riley’s Dorian Reeds
Written in 1964, this seminal work provided a new concept in musical form which would become known as Minimalism. For Dawn, Nic performs this haunting pieces for electric viola and digital delay.
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06:00   First Light Ensemble
Our very own First Light Ensemble is back for 2022 to play a selection of beautiful classical music pieces, including a World Premiere of a Christopher Gunning’s Dawn Light, the first movement of a new violin concerto which he has composed for soloist Harriet McKenzie.
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