Who is the East?
The Yellow Man
Who may be Purple if He can
That carries in the Sun.

Who is the West?
The Purple Man
Who may be Yellow if He can
That lets Him out again.

Emily Dickinson

From our most easterly place on the edge of the North Sea the morning sun comes early and bright, with thoughts of new beginnings, energy and a zest for creativity in life. This year’s festival draws inspiration from the Cardinal Points and how we create our own inner compass to help us navigate and make sense of our world.

Universe of Music with Steve Pretty and Chris Lintott takes us out into space to explore points of connection between astronomy and music; as part of our dawn programme Alex Groves’ new commission led by my heart, (where my feet will follow) with virtuosic electric viola player Nic Pendlebury asks us to open ourselves up to new directions.

Sculptor Laurence Edward’s monumental work of 8ft bronze figures Walking Men, will stride with festival-goers towards the most easterly horizon.

Our Welcome the Light community festival opening music event on the Sunlight Stage ‘House of the Rising Sun’ celebrates Lowestoft’s unique most easterly location and Resonance! our big community parade makes a big noise with an array of instruments including shells, to blow out loud to the north, south and west of the country.

Our Noon to Moon installation Weathervane responds to the concept of the Cardinal Points asking us to navigate an intriguing and inventive outdoor exhibition.

You’ll find the theme threaded throughout our programme, so be sure to check out the full What’s On page to explore the full story.

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Universe of Music

Interstellar Ideas - 22/06/2024

Nic Pendlebury & Alex Groves

DJ in the Dunes - 23/06/2024

Resonance! Opening Parade

South Beach - 22/06/2024

House of the Rising Sun

Sunlight Stage - 22/06/2024

Weather Vane

East Point Pavilion - 22/06/2024
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